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Please note that when referring to/requesting AVIRIS data, we are working to use the terms "imaging spectroscopy" and "imaging spectrometer data" rather than "hyperspectral." This allows us to communicate more clearly with our physics, chemistry, and biology science colleagues.

The AVIRIS sensor collects data that can be used for characterization of the Earth's surface and atmosphere from geometrically coherent spectroradiometric measurements. This data can be applied to studies in the fields of oceanography, environmental science, snow hydrology, geology, volcanology, soil and land management, atmospheric and aerosol studies, agriculture, and limnology. Applications under development include the assessment and monitoring of environmental hazards such as toxic waste, oil spills, and land/air/water pollution. With proper calibration and correction for atmospheric effects, the measurements can be converted to ground reflectance data which can then be used for quantitative characterization of surface features.

The image above is an example of research conducted by the United States Geological Survey using AVIRIS data. The image is an Fe(Iron)-bearing mineral map (0.35 to 1.35 micron spectral region) in the Antelope Range derived from Tetracorder analysis of AVIRIS data. (Please refer to this AVIRIS Workshop paper for more information regarding the above mineral map.)
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