2010 AVIRIS Flights


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f100426t01Ivanpah Playa (Vicarious Calibration Experiment)
f100430t01AVIRIS Flights to Assess Post-fire Recovery in Response to Recent Fires
f100506t01Gulf Coast Oil Spill
f100510t01Gulf Coast Oil Spill and Gulf Coast Ecology
f100511t01Gulf Coast Oil Spill and Gulf Coast Ecology
f100513t01Pensacola, FL Coast
Deep Horizon Oil Spill
f100517t01Deep Horizon Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill
f100518t01Deep Horizon Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico
f100519t01Deep Horizon Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico
f100520t01Deep Horizon Oil Spill - Gulf Of Mexico
f100521t01Senator Beck Basin, CO
f100523t01Florida Gulf Coast
Deep Horizon Oil Spill - Gulf of Mexico
f100524t01Louisiana Gulf Coast
Gulf Oil Spill
f100525t01Gulf Oil Spill
Transit to DAOF
f100703t01Gulf Barrier Islands: Cat, Ship, Horn, Petite Bois
f100704t01Grand Isle, LA
f100707t01Dauphin Island Cal Site,
Gulf Shore to Pensacola,
Pensacola to Walton Beach,
Gulfport Airport Cal Site
f100708t01Chandeleur Islands, ARTEMIS underflight,
Dauphin Island, Horn Island, Ship Island, Cat Island,
and Gulfport Airport Cal site
f100709t01Morning Collection of Deep Water Horizon incident site, Gulfport Airport Cal site
f100709t02Afternoon Collection of Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Incident Site
f100710t01Louisiana Birds Foot and Coastal Ecosystems.
Calibration run over NASA Aeronet Wave CSI site.
f100712t01Fresh Oil Lines Over Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Incident Site:
3 days after cap was removed and prior to installing the new cap.
Lines were adjusted based on NOAA center points received morning of flight.
f100731t01Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Impact Zone
Barataria Bay Area
f100824t01Barataria Bay; Gulf of Mexico
f100825t01Utah and Colorado
f100828t01Gulf of Mexico
f100829t01Gulf of Mexico
f100830t01Terrebonne Bay
Gulf of Mexico
f100831t01Gulf of Mexico
f100902t01Twin Otter AVIRIS check flight
Galveston Harbor Sulfur Pile
f100903t01Transit from Houston to Gainesville, FL
f100904t01Ordway-Swisher Biological Station
f100906t01Donaldson Plantation
f100908t01Suwanee River Delta Seagrass
f100910t01Ordway-Swisher Biological Station
f100911t01Florida Big Bend Seagrass Habitats, MS Barrier Islands
f100912t01Cat Island
f100914t01Barataria Bay
f100918t01East Bird's Foot
f100921t01Chandeleur Islands and Cat Island
f100923t01East Bird Foot;
Barataria Bay;
Drum Island
f100924t01Barataria Bay
Chandeleur Islands
f100927t01Chandeleur Islands
Dernier Island
f100928t01Drum Bay
f100929t01Petit Bois Island, West Birds Foot
f100930t01West Birds Foot, Isles Dernieres, Jean Laffite National Preserve, Drum Bay West
f101001t01Drum Bay West, Cat Island
f101003t01East Birds Foot, Barateria Bay
f101004t01Barateria, Cal
f101014t01Cuprite, NV
f101020t01Grand River National Grassland, SD
f101021t01Grand River National Grassland, SD
f101026t01Santa Barbara Front Range, Gaviota Coast, CA
f101101t01Santa Barbara Front Range, CA
f101102t01Ivanpah Playa, NV, Primm, NV, Mtn Pass, CA

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